Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey ladies!  Trick or Treat? Where's my candy? Lol
It has been a long time that I couldnt blog anymore. Hopefully, I will soon be back at the old stand. Meanwhile, I wish you all a very fun and happy Halloween!

Shape: L'Tre Bodyshape -Lilith-
Skin: **Shine** Zaria Vampire/Darkness
Teeth: **Shine** Prim Teeth Vampire/Long
Hair: MONS / Hair - Cassie (black )
Outfit: [AD] Summer is dying 420
Nails w Bracelet: Candy Nail #PS008 Tears Halloween
Shoes: *May's Soull* rynna boots
Pose w Broom: Purple Poses - Broom 02

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